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Burial At Sea in Evansville, IN

Sea burials are gradually becoming more popular with each passing year. Decisions for burials at sea have been attributed to a shortage of cemetery plots and a desire to conserve land space. However, the vast majority of sea burial advocates claim their decision is solely based on their love of the sea. Whatever the reason, if you are planning a sea burial, contact Titzer Family Funeral Home in Evansville, IN for assistance.

Regulation & Remembrance

When it comes to planning a burial at sea, there are many factors to be considered, and planning will be slightly different based off of a cremated burial versus a full body burial. At Titzer Family Funeral Home, we will discuss your options and outline what you can expect throughout the process.

It is important to keep in mind that there are special regulations outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency that must be met when performing a burial at sea. Not only will we ensure that those regulations are met, but we'll work with local companies to charter a boat and make other arrangements on your behalf.

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